Organisational factors as correlates of science students academic performance in Lagos state, Nigeria

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Sule, S.A.
Akinsola, A.O.
Chukwu, O.U.
Sule, P.S.
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A publication of the Faculty of Education Administration, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria
This study primarily investigated organizational factors as correlates of science students' academic performance in senior secondary schools of Lagos state. Variables such as teachers' qualification, teacher-students attitude toward the teaching and learning of chemistry, teacher/student relationship were specifically considered to ascertain whether or not they have any relationship with students' academic performance in chemistry. A correlational survey design was adopted for the study. A total number of 22 public senior secondary schools constituted the population while 550 respondents (500 students and 50 teachers) from ten of the schools randomLy selectedfrom OshodillsoLo Local government area of Lagos state made up the sampLe. Data were collected using the "Organizational factors and science student academic performance questionnaires (OFSSAP-A for the teachers and OFSSAP-B for the students) and analyzed with Pearson Product Moment Correlation statistic. The study found a significant positive relationship between the three organizational factor variables and academic performance of chemistry students. The study concluded that when the right work force is in pLace aLong with the right attitude towards teaching and learning and in a friendly is most Likely that student's achievement in chemistry will be highLy enhanced. Based on the findings it was recommended among others that the stakehoLders in education industry shouLd improve on the Learning environment of students, ensure that the curriculum impLementers improve in their relationships and attitude towards teaching.
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Organizational factors , Science students , Academic performance , Secondary schools , Lagos state , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Sule, S. A., Akinsola, A. O., Chukwu, O. U. & Sule, P. S. (2013). Organisational factors as correlates of science students academic performance in Lagos state, Nigeria. Journal of Educational Research and Development, Vol.8(1), pp. 310 -315.