Regional anesthesia for small incision cataract surgery: Comparison of subtenon and peribulbar block

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Adekola, O. O
Aribaba, O. T
Musa, K
Olatosi, J. O
Rotimi-Samuel, A
Asiyanbi, G. K
Onakoya, A
Akinsola, F. B
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Woltlers Kluwer
Background and Objective: The recent trend in cataract surgery is the use of regional ophthalmic nerve blocks or topical anesthesia. We determined and compared the effect of peribulbar and subtenon block on pain and patients’ satisfaction, following small incision cataract surgery (SICS). Methods: This was age‑sex‑matched comparative study involving 462 ASA I‑III patients, aged 18 years and above scheduled for SICS. They were assigned to receive either peribulbar block (Group P) or subtenon (Group ST). The pain score and patients’ satisfaction with the anesthetic experiences were recorded by a study‑masked anesthesiologist during surgery and postoperatively at 30 min and 1, 2, 4, and 24 h. Results: The median numeric rating score was significantly lower in the subtenon group than the peribulbar group: During surgery, Group ST 1 (1) versus group P 1.5 (2.25), P < 0.001. At 30 min after surgery, Group ST 0 (1) versus Group P 1 (2.5) versus P < 0.001, and at 1 h after surgery, Group ST 0 (1) versus group P 1 (2), P = 0.002. Ten patients had akinesia in the peribulbar group compared with one in the subtenon group. Chemosis was significantly higher in the subtenon group 10 (3.2%) than in the peribulbar group 0 (0%), P = 0.035. Similarly, a significant difference was not with subconjuctival hemorrhage; subtenon 14 (4.5%) versus peribulbar 2 (1.3%), P = 0.105. Conclusion: The use of subtenon block resulted in lower pain scores and higher patient’s satisfaction than peribulbar block. However, subconjuctival hemorrhage and chemosis were more common with subtenon block.
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Complications , Pain , Peribulbar block , small incision cataract surgery , Subtenon block , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE::Surgery::Anaesthetics and intensive care
Adekola OO, Aribaba OT, Musa K, Olatosi JO, Asiyanbi GK, Rotimi-Samuel A, et al. Regional anesthesia for small incision cataract surgery: Comparison of subtenon and peribulbar block. J Clin Sci 2018;15:1-7.