Patterns and Models of Building-Use Conversion in Metropolitan Lagos: Insight from a Comparative Analysis

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Babatola, O
Oni, A.F
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Unilag Journal Management Systems
The convergence of two related issues which impact negatively on the metropolis’ residential sub-stock motivated this paper. Employing the purposive and random sampling techniques respectively to select its samples from the existing building stock in metropolitan Lagos, the paper compares models of building-use conversion in the metropolis. The study’s questionnaire elicits information among others, on the physical design and selected socio-cultural attributes of individual buildings, including their use-conversion record. The major relevant questions answered by the paper include: To what extent is the current housing stock in Lagos metropolis differentiated by their design and cultural attributes among its classifiable urban regions; what is the magnitude and pattern of use-conversion experienced by the present housing stock in Lagos; and finally, what degree of convergence characterizes hypothesized models of building-use conversion which employs different spatial organizational conceptions of the metropolis. Findings among others reflect varied degrees of convergence and divergence in the selected buildings’ attributes among metropolitan regions; differences in the degree of use-conversion that is negatively inclined against the residential housing stock, and differences among the models of building-use conversion that offer insight for improving on the effectiveness of physical development monitoring activity in the metropolis; as well as extending the existing perspective of research to the question of use-conversion.
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Use-conversion , Logit models , Residential stock , Metropolitan regions
Babatola, O and Oni, A.F (2014) Patterns and Models of Building-Use Conversion in Metropolitan Lagos: Insight from a Comparative Analysis. Lagos Journal of Geographic Issues, Vol. 2 (1)