Maintaining Cardio-respiratory Fitness through Healthy Living

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Otinwa, G.O.
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Sunshine International Publications (NIG) ltd.
The paper highlighted the onset of gradual dominance of. generative disease. One of such is the coronary heart diseases which hinders cardiorespiratory fitness. This could possibly be caused by unhealthy eating habits, the control of :the environment with little energy expenditure and unusual stress. Cardiorespiratory fitness is composed of cardiovascular functions and respirations. It is described as a condition in which the heart is able to pick up oxygen and circulate to the working muscle. To maintain the fitness level, feeding adequately with controlled intake of high cholesterol foods will reduce the risks of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). Active living in form of consistent walking, jogging, running and game activities as well as adequate rest and effective stress management were suggested. It was concluded that concern given to life-style modification and the challenge before Physical Educators is to involve youngsters early in habits of regular exercise, ' in order to achieve high fitness level in life.
Otinwa, G. O. (2002). “Maintaining Cardio-respiratory Fitness through Healthy Living” Journal of Studies in Education, Vol. 9 No. 1, 266 – 274.