Strength characteristics of inoculated and nodularised thin wall ductile iron castings

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Ochulor, E.F.
Adeosun, S.O.
Amuda, M.O.H.
Balogun, S.A.
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Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering
Carbide precipitates in Thin Wall Ductile Iron (TWDI) used for automotive applications needs to be eliminated or reduced for improved strength, ductility, crack propagation resistance and good machinability. Ductile iron thin section profiles (≤3 mm) present danger of massive carbide precipitations in the as-cast sample. Precipitated carbide phase is brittle and negatively affects the mechanical properties of the iron matrix. The suppression of carbide formation is associated with the nucleating properties of the nodularizer and innoculant alloys. This treatment is vital in ensuring that carbide precipitation, flake graphite structure and non-nodular graphite phases are reduced or completely eliminated in the TWDI castings. Therefore, the temperature and technique of treatment would influence the yield of the process, and ultimately the mechanical properties. In this study, the effect of nodularization and inoculation treatment temperature on the microstructure and mechanical properties of TWDI castings is examined. The results indicate that good nodularity and nodule count with better percent elongations are achieved using low treatment temperatures in descending order of 1490˚C, 1470˚C and 1450˚C, but have negative effect at lower treatment temperature of 1430˚C. However, TWDI castings have superior properties in terms of nodule counts and nodularity at 1450˚C. Treatment temperature does not produce significant influence on ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and hardness of TWDI castings. TWDI castings show poor nodularity, nodule count and ductility at higher inoculation treatment temperatures of 1550˚C, 1530˚C and 1510˚C.
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Thin wall ductile iron , Nodularization , Inoculation , Graphite structure , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Ochulor, E. F., Adeosun, S. O., Amuda, M. O. H, Balogun, S. A. (2015). Strength characteristics of inoculated and nodularised thin wall ductile iron castings. Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, 3: 94-105