Methods for Qualitative Education and Training of Engineers and Technologists in Developing Countries

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Oduola, R.O
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The problems of technological underdevelopment in developing countries are ever-increasing, culminating into graduate unemployment, job insecurity, social and engineering infrastructures' collapse and so on. This is generating concerns especially when the implications are viewed from the economic and social aspects. This paper, therefore, looks at case studies from Nigeria and some African countries, to examine and trace this situation to the poor quality of educational training of engineers and technologists, responsible for bringing about innovative changes in the society, as the major factor inhibiting the engineering and technological development of developing countries. The paper then suggests a total review of our mode of engineering education and training, and adoption of new approaches, taking example from the training methods of other professional fields such as medicine, tailored towards effective performance of our engineers and technologists so as to bring about rapid engineering and technological growth. And consequently, economic and social development if developing are to be reckoned with in the advances in technological developments currently being experienced in other countries of Japan,America and the rest of Europe .
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Engineering education , Technologists , Training , Developing Countries
Oduola, R.O (2002) Methods for Qualitative Education and Training of Engineers and Technologists in Developing Countries. African Regional Conference on Engineering Education and Sub-Regional Workshop on New Engineering Curriculum in Partnership with UNESCO, held at the University of Lagos, Akoka.