A Survey of Antibiotic use in Respiratory Tract Infections in a Community in Zaria, Kaduna State

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Olurishe, T.O.
Olurishe, C.O.
Adeyemi, O.C.
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West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacy
Background: Appropriate use of antibacterial drugs is important to effect a cure in infections and to forestall resistance development. Objectives: This study was undertaken to assess the use of antibiotics for respiratory tract infections (RTI) among respondents in a community in Zaria, Nigeria. <p> Methods: Random sampling of individuals within Zaria was done, and consenting participants were recruited. A total of 440 participated in the study. A forty-two item questionnaire was self-administered to the majority of the respondents who were literate while those that were not literate were assisted in filling out copies of their questionnaire. <p> Results: Over 90% of the study population was between 12-50 years, of which 60.6% reportedly had an RTI in the previous six months. Females were more likely to have an RTI (p<0.05 Chi-square) while living conditions did not affect the development of RTIs. About 40% of respondents had laboratory investigations before antibiotic therapy. Total and partial affordability was reported by 72% and 18.9% of respondents respectively, with only about 20% obtaining their drug from the hospital. However, only about 50% were counselled about their medication. While the majority of respondents obtained their antibiotics from community pharmacies, about 40% of patients were not asked about previous medication for a recent infection. <p> Conclusions: This study shows that rational antibiotic use is not fully practised, with large numbers of patients receiving empirical therapy. Improvement in counselling and discouragement of patronage of nonapproved drug outlets will improve antibiotic utilization. Studies into the factors responsible for increased female risk for RTI are advocated.
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Antibiotics , Counselling , Respiratory tract infections , Research Subject Categories::PHARMACY
Olurishe TO, Adeyemi OC, Olurishe CO (2013). A Survey of Antibiotic use in Respiratory Tract Infections in a Community in Zaria, Kaduna State. West Africa Journal of Pharmacy 24(2): 24-31