The Crime Of Punishment:

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Azenabor, G.E
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The question of punishment has been a subject of great controversy among moral philosophers and jurists. The fundamental questions in the issue of punishment are; what is punishment? What is the justification for punishment? How do we determine the appropriate penalty for a criminal? Is punishment morally acceptable? Is punishment not vegeance or "an eye for an eye"? It is in an attempt to answer these questions and related ones that I venture to write this paper. I argue that punishment is a crime against the criminal. Punishment is part and force of a rule of law, utilize to minimize the occurrence of forbidden acts in order to make society function. But as we move to the next millennium can't society be restructured in such a way that we nib crime ham the bud and punishment would be unnecessary? The question then becomes how? We argue that the "how" involves a sort of behaviour modification treatment rather than punishment.
Conference Paper
Millenium , Punishment
Azenabor,G.E.(1999) A Crime Of Punishment:A Challenge For The New Millenium.Being a Paper Presented At The International Conference On "Philosophy And Development In The Next Millenium" Held At Ogun University,Ago-Iwoye,Ogun State,Nigeria