Non-Standard Work in the Nigerian Informal Economy

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Olusanya, O.A
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The susceptibility of the informal economy to non-standard work has become a cause for concern despite the significant contributions of the sector to employment generation and development in Nigeria. This paper focuses on the incidence of non- standard work in the Nigerian informal economy within the ambits of the Neo-Liberal Theory. Drawing on data from fifty in-depth interviews, one focus group discussion and relevant secondary data the paper examines non-standard work among informal workers in Lagos State, Nigeria. It was observed that majority of the informal workers work under very harsh conditions; some had to grapple with unsettling feelings daily due to anticipation of evacuation from place of trade by Government Agencies. This may be responsible for some of the ailments that require management through medication and scheduled Doctor's visits. However, majority have no health plan which suggests that a culture of constant work without consideration for the health implications is not only prevalent problems caused by adverse circumstances remain unaddressed. It is proposed that the drive to harness opportunities presented by the informal economy be balanced with policies appropriate to the needs of the sector.
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Employment generation , Unemployment , Conditions of work , Informal economy , Non-standard work , Poverty
Olusanya, O.A. (2015), Non-Standard Work in the Nigerian Informal Economy. Paper Presented at The European Business Management Conference