Marxism and the State: Its Origin and Development

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Fadakinte, M.M.
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This paper focuses on the three perspectives adopted by Marx and Engels in explaining the origin and formation of the state, and the positions of some neo-Marxists regarding the nature and character of the state. The exemplification of the state by Marxism is interpolated in Africa, where the arduous journey ahead of the continent in the process of state formation appears very obvious, precisely because, from the analysis of Marxism, Africa is yet to evolve a cohesive dominant class that will create a strong ruling class with the needed hegemony i.e. discipline, leadership and domination to bring about a meaningful state that will plan for development.
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Marxism , Neo-Marxists , State , Colonialism , Capitalist social classes , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Political science
Fadakinte, M.M.(2015). Marxism and the State: Its Origin and Development. Canadian Social Science, 11(7), 28-37.