Scale Economies and Efficiency of Bank Operations:

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Owualah, S.I.
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Giordano Dell-Amore Foundation.
This paper which exploratory undertakes to find out whether economies of scale exist in the operations of Nigerian commercial banks and if so, whether size plays any significant part.To do this, a measure of size - total assets and other variables such as interest payments on time and savings deposits, salaries and wages were included in a regression equation. A major finding is the existence of traces of economies of scale and efficiency, at least in the technical sense, in the operations of larger commercial banks in Nigeria. However, Nigeria's commercial banks are yet to exhaust potential scale economies in their operations.
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Banking Industry , Economies Of Scale
Owualah, S. I. (1986), Scale Economies and Efficiency of Bank Operations : Further Evidence from Nigeria, Savings and Development, Quarterly Review, 4th Quarter, Vol.10,(4), p. 419 -431.