Funding Business Education Programme in Nigerian Universities

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Ishola N.A
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Business Education programme in Nigeria is confronted with numerous challenges and criticisms, particularly in the area of funding. This paper looks at the Business Education programme in Southern Nigeria geo-political zones from finding perspectives. The descriptive survey research design was employed. The population for the study was one thousand and seventy-six respondents. Two research questions were raised with one hypothesis. The sample included 933 stakeholders, made up of administrators (n=18), lecturers (n=43J, and students (n=872). They were picked through multi-stage stratified random technique sampling process from senatorial districts and local government areas of the existing three Southern geo-political zones in Nigeria. Data analyses were carried out using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results revealed that most of the participants (86.7%J agreed that Business Education programme; is not wellfunded.; Based on thefindings of the study, the following recommendations were made for ensuring qualitative Business Education programme in Nigeria: Government should increase allocation of resources to education, especially university education which runs programmes that require adequate funding; Business educators at university level should link up with local or regional companies to provide facilities such as computers, scanners and other equipment necessary for their practical work; this will go a long way to support the federal government in financing some programmes within the university system.
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Funding, Business Education programme, University, Southern Nigeria Geo-Political Zones.
Ishola N.A (2017) Funding Business Education Programme in Nigerian Universities. Journal of Education 10