Knowledge Sharing And Technological Innovation Of Librarians In Nigerian Tertiary Institutions.

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Okorie, N.
Gbemi-Ogunleye, P.F.
Molokwu, U.E
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This study examined knowledge sharing and technological innovation of librarians in Nigerian tertiary institutions. Knowledge sharing is the process whereby exchange of knowledge is jointly and mutually supplied to create new knowledge. Knowledge sharing takes place both at individual and organizational levels. Knowledge sharing integrates ideas, skills, experiences and technological know-how in sections, units or departments of an organization which leads to innovation. The study sought various literatures to buttress the fact that knowledge sharing serves as an enabler of technological innovations, most especially on librarians of Nigerian tertiary institutions. The literatures consulted extensively revealed concept of knowledge sharing, factors that contribute to knowledge sharing in tertiary institutions, advantages of knowledge sharing among librarians in tertiary institutions, why don’t people share knowledge, technological innovations, importance of innovations in libraries, relationship between knowledge sharing and technological innovations, associated theories of knowledge sharing, discussions and implications and conclusion. The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis was used in discussing knowledge sharing and technological innovations of librarians in Nigerian tertiary institutions. The study indicates that knowledge sharing is a useful tool and adequate transfer of knowledge among librarians has brought about effective transfer of knowledge and knowledge creation. The study joins discussion on knowledge sharing development and at the same time contributes to literature and practices
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Nancy, Okorie, "Knowledge Sharing And Technological Innovation Of Librarians In Nigerian Tertiary Institutions" (2021). Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal). 6296.