Solid waste management practices in Lagos State: Case of Kosofe Local Government Area, Lagos State

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Ayeni, A.O.
Ogunkunle, O.A.
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Department of Geography, Nasarawa State University
The population of the Lagos State will exceed 25 million in 2020 as predicted, as a result Lagos State will be one of the largest cities of the world. Based on this prediction, an effective waste management strategy should be put in place in order to properly reduce the future implication of poor waste management. It is on this note that this study examines the solid waste management practices in Lagos State. The study focused on Kosofe LGA based on her strategic location which tends to harbor more dirt environments that which promote health hazard and amongst many other problems. The study was carried out using primary and secondary methods of data gathering. The non-probability simple random sampling technique was adopted in the distribution of structured questionnaire within the stratified twenty-seven (27) administrative wards in the LGA. A total of 474 households were randomly picked from the streets that were selected from each of the 27 wards using systematic sampling method. The study also carried out measurement of daily waste generated waste in each of the houses. It was observed that there are variations in the types of wastes generated by household's classes i.e. High Class, Middle Class and Low Class which was noted as factors contributed to irregular waste disposal that characterized some parts of the study area. The study revealed that high class generates more wastes of over 10kg per week per building which constituents mainly of Food/Kitchen ruminants, Plastic, Rubber wastes etc. The study attributed the volume of wastes generated in each ward to the two factors vis-à-vis the number of individuals living in a building and the type of waste generated. The study therefore concluded that there are poor management practices by the operatives of waste management (PSP/LAWMA) while cart pushers contributed to unprecedented disposal of wastes in canals and on the public right of way.
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Solid waste , management , Practices , Lagos State , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Ayeni, A. O. and O. A. Ogunkunle (2017). Solid waste management practices in Lagos State: Case of Kosofe Local Government Area, Lagos state. Nigerian Journal of Tropical Geography, 8 (1): 1394 – 1414.