An Evaluation of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for Health Care Providers in Lagos State

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Bakare, T.V
Alade, O.M
Onwuama, M.
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Research Journal in Organizational Psychology & Educational Studies (RJOPES)
The ability to develop the self is invaluable to the modern health practitioner in Nigeria, given their involvement with human lives. This is further necessitated by the advent of new diseases and innovative cures and technology use in the field of medicine. The study set out to describe the current status of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) practices of health professionals in Lagos State. The survey examined the adoption of CPE and ICT compliance. The stratified random sampling technique was used to select 190 respondents from across three different health care institutions both in the private and public sectors. The questionnaire tagged QHCP (r ∞ 71) was used to collect information, along with an observation schedule (guided by a six-item check list). Simple percentage was used and results were presented graphically. The relevant variables in the study include level of involvement of the regulatory bodies as well as the integration and adoption of Continuing Professional Education in the health care system in the nation. The results revealed that the adoption of post certification education is not handled with the deserved level of seriousness and also that the level of ICT compliance in the industry is rather low. The study therefore recommends the increased monitoring and regulating of CPE in the health industry along with ICT use. The implication for adult education, evaluation and the health industry is that CPE must be re-emphasized in a bid to encourage lifelong learning and continued self improvement/development in innovative ways worthy of a constantly changing world. It is definitely forward-looking to ensure that health practitioners constantly re-train to maintain a healthy State and Nation.
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Continuing Professional Education (CPE) , Health Care Practices and Providers , Adult Education Methods , Health practitioner , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Bakare, T.V., O.M. Alade & Mercy Onwuama (2012). An Evaluation of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for Health Care Providers in Lagos State. Research Journal in Organizational Psychology & Educational Studies (RJOPES). Emerging Academy Resource. Seattle, USA. 1(3), 203 -209.