Perspectives on government and grassroots development in Nigeria

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Onyekpe, J.G.
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Inter-University Conference for Doctoral Studies
Governme~t ~mp'act on, the grassroots or ordinary people in Nigeria has r: ve?, Inslg~if!cant Indeed. This is largely as a result of the bureaucratic 01. official definition of the people's problems and needs by the political elite 01 government actors without due cognizance of the people's experiences The result has been that policy formulation and implementation are stricti; by government bureaucrats and actors without the people themselves. Consequently; go~ernment policy regimes have left the people and their economic and ~oclQIworld static. This reality is ossified by the poor fiscal resources (lrovlded by the government for the people's needs and diversion of what little that is pro~ided through corrupt practices by government ~ureaucrats and actors. It IS the main argument of this paper, therefore, that if the pr~blems. of the p~ople are to be addressed the people themselves must be ~ractlca/ly Involved In the definition of their problems and needs d . policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation through the p~o' an .In . if h' " gresslve expa.n~lOn.0 t e democratic space to ensure greater or more I participation, popu ar
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Onyekpe, J.G.N. (2021). Perspectives on government and grassroots development in Nigeria. International Journal of Inter-University Conference for Doctoral Studies, Journal of Research Findings, 4(1), 120-136.