Sociology of Kabba Kingdom

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Timothy Asobele, S.J.
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Sociology of Kabba Kingdom is a book that search lighted the story of the vestiges of two empires and kingdoms, The British Empire in Kabba Kingdom in the 19th century. A case study of change in a changing world. The myths, legends and the real Union Jack hosted by Lord tugard in Kabba Division of abba Province of old Northern Nigeria. Even as recent as 2020 The BBC search lighted the Kabba -Obajana Road. TWO empires and God's own kingdom of by love serve one another. Not the earthly kingdom of might is •.ight of old. retend I do not note or know Olu Obafemi peregernation in the study of Kabba province people 2S ecially the people of Kabba division of old, I should be deceiving myself, if I pretend to ignore the ovation of Prof. Femi Ojo of Odi Olowo, Kabba that gave impetus to the first international conference on Kabba province people studies I will be living a lie. This is because his yearly summer spree at the faculty of engineering, University of Lagos during which time I literally overwhelmed him with copies of my works on Kabba Kingdom people is responsible for his initial interest in sponsoring the college of agriculture Kabba 2nd cultural rendez-vous of Kabba division's scholars from I" - 4th April 2013. The conveners and list of themes appeared on page 192- 198 of my authoritative works on Kabba language and linguistics published in 2013 by upper standard publication in Lagos. I read with consternation the wilful avoidance of a historical reality of old Kabba division made up of the Kabba, Yagba, Ijumu and Bunu districts of old Kabba province in the welcome address of Olu Obafemi, Olusola Akanmode's chairman remark and Rowland Adeleye an old pupil of Kabba primary school.
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Timothy Asobele, S.J. (2021). Sociology of Kabba Kingdom.