A study of L-band scintillations and total electron content at an equatorial station, Lagos, Nigeri

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Adewale, A.O.
Oyeyemi, E.O.
Adeloye, A.B.
Mitchell, C.N.
Rose, J.A.R.
Cilliers, P. J.
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In this paper we present the first results from measurements of scintillation and total electron content (TEC) from an equatorial station, Lagos (Latitude 6.5 N, Longitude 3.4 E, magnetic latitude 3.03 S), Nigeria, using a Novatel GSV4004B GPS ionospheric scintillation and TEC monitor. Details are presented for data collected between February 2010 and August 2010. The results show that the presence of some large scale depletions of TEC or plasma bubbles may be noted during the evening hours and that TEC depletions correspond to increased rate of change of TEC (ROT). This confirms that plasma bubbles are associated with large scale irregularities. It is also established that enhanced amplitude scintillation (S4) corresponds quite well with TEC depletions and increases in ROT. The diurnal and seasonal percentage occurrence for different levels of scintillation activity has peaks in the equinox months (March and April) at 23:00 LT
Scintillation , Total Electron Content (TEC) , TEC monitor , Plasma bubbles
Adewale, A.O., Oyeyemi, E.O., Adeloye, A.B., Mitchell, C.N., Julian, R., Cilliers, P. A study of L-band scintillations and total electron content at Lagos, Nigeria. Radio Science, 47, RS2011, doi:10.1029/2011RS004846, 2012.