Oral and maxillofacial soft tissue reconstruction using local flaps in Sokoto, Northwest Nigeria

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Taiwo, A O
Braimah, R O
Ibikunle, A A
Gbotolorun, O M
Chukwuma, B
Abubakar, S
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Background: Owing to the aesthetics and functional concern, oral and maxillofacial soft tissue reconstruction requires meticulous planning with team approach. The aim of this paper is to present our experience in the use of local flaps in the reconstruction of oral and maxillofacial defects. This was a retrospective study of maxillofacial and oral soft tissue reconstruction using local flaps. Patients and Methods: The study was carried out in the Department of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery, Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital in northwest Nigeria over a 4‑year period. Data such as age, sex, diagnosis, types of flaps used, complications and prognosis were collected and analysed with the IBM SPSS Statistics for windows Version 20 (Armonk, NY: IBM Corp). Results: Forty‑two out of 64 cases of oral and maxillofacial soft tissue reconstruction (65.6%) met the inclusion criteria for local flap utilisation. They consisted of 27 (64.3%) males and 15 (35.7%) females, with a male:female ratio of 1.8:1. Age ranged from 6 to 72 years with mean ± SD (24.2 ± 17.7). Temporomandibular joint ankylosis (TMJA) release was the main reason for soft tissue flap utilisation as an interpositional material in the maxillofacial region 30 (77.3%). Temporalis myofascial flap 19 (45.2%) was the commonest flap used. Most of our cases had no associated complications 39 (92.9%), only 2 (4.8%) patients had total flap failure. Conclusion: Where free tissue transfer is not feasible, local flaps remain a viable option. Good patient selection is essential to prevent some of the complications associated with their use.
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Local flaps, maxillofacial, post‑surgical defects, reconstruction, resection , Local flaps , Maxillofacial , Post surgical defects , Resection , reconstruction , Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY::Orthodontics
Taiwo, A.O. [Et...al] (2019). Oral and maxillofacial soft tissue reconstruction using local flaps in Sokoto, Northwest Nigeria.