A Survey of Software Reengineering Approaches

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Okunoye, O. B.
Uwadia, C. O.
Oladeji, F.A.
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Journal of Computer Science and its Applications
For any developed software system not to become progressively less useful in real-world environment, such software is expected to be efficient, reliable and amendable to support new platforms, embrace emerging standards, satisfy new customer needs, and enhance better understanding of technological advancements. As a result of the new evolving requirements, it could be cost effective to rewrite, or upgrade some software systems. However, there are some legacy software systems that are too valuable to be replaced or rewritten because of their sheer size and complexity. Maintaining such legacy systems could be Very expensive. Therefore, such legacy software systems need to be reengineered so as to meet these requirements. We surveyed various approaches adopted and tools used in software reengineering with emphasis on program comprehension. In addition, the need for software reengineering is discussed. Software reengineering process activities are enumerated. Some"o(the approaches, especially' for program understanding through reverse engineering are investigated.
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software reengineering , legacy systems , program comprehension , reverse engineering. , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Information technology::Computer science
Okunoye, O. B., Uwadia, C. O., Oladeji, F.A. (2004). A Survey of Software Reengineering Approaches. Journal of Computer Science and its Applications, Vol.10 (2): 50-54pp.