Pharmacists views on their level of interaction with patients in Lagos, Nigeria

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Joda, A.E.
Eniojukan, J.F.
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Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy
Background: The pharmacists overall goal of interacting with patients is to promote rational use of drugs (RUD). The goal of communication with the patient is to provide information that the patient is able to understand and use. Good communication and counseling are important cornerstones of pharmacist/patient interactions. The main aim of this study was to determine the level of satisfaction of pharmacists with their interaction with patients in community and hospitals settings. Methods: 36 pre-tested questionnaires were administered and collected back from 9 pharmacies (5 community, 4 hospital). The questionnaires sought demography and answers to research questions. 100% recovery was obtained. Data obtained was analyzed using EPIINFO statistical software. Results are presented in form of tables and charts. Chi square analysis for significance was carried out as necessary Results: Respondents were 61% male, 39% female with mean length in area of practice of 1.5 years. 21 pharmacists (10 in community, 11 in hospital) were satisfied while 13 pharmacists (1 in community, 12 in hospital) indicated they were not satisfied with the level of interaction they had with the patient, and this difference was statistically significant at 95% confidence interval. Only three respondents (1 in community, 2 in hospital) felt there was no need for improvement on current level. Conclusion: It can be concluded that pharmacists are satisfied with their interaction with patients though there is room and need for improvement in the attained level.
Pharmacists-Patient interaction , Community pharmacists , Hospital pharmacists , Patient counselling , Pharmacy Services
Joda AE and Eniojukan JF. Pharmacists views on their level of interaction with patients in Lagos, Nigeria.Nigerian. Journal of Pharmacy, 2012;46(2):44-53