Corporate Social Responsibility And The Performance Of Small And Medium Scale (SMES) In Lagos State,Nigeria.

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Oghojafor, B.E.A
Sulaimon, A.A.
Kuye, O.L.
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become the rhetoric of every Business,'it Enterprises, without exceptions to 'Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME). This study examines the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Organisational Performance of SMEs in Lagos State, Nigeria. Data were generated by means of questionnaires to 261 operators of SMEs on CSR and Performance Variables. Responses from the survey were statistically analysed using descriptive statistics, Pearson product moment correlation, Z test, F-Test and multiple regression. Results show a statistical significant relatioship among variables. Specifically, it indicates that CSR is relevant and practiced by participating SMEs in Lagos State, particularly in business ethics, consumer affairs, and environmental affairs; consistent with recent survey in Europe where research on SMEs found that they tend to be active in CSR. The findings also revealed low involvement of participating firms in employee affairs and community affairs. The study also showed that organisational performance of SMEs is satisfactory with exception of financial strength profitability and performance stability which was below the minimum threshold, although did not preclude a completely low performance. The importance of this study include the need to encourage SMEs to invest more in CSR, particularly on employee and the community within which they operate. Finally, conclusion, recommendations and suggestion for further studies were highlighted to demonstrate the importance of the study.
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Corporate Social Responsibility , Performance
Oghojafor,B.E.A.,Sulaimon,A.A.& Kuye,O.L. (2009) Corporate Social Responsibility And The Performance Of Small And Medium Scale (SMES) In Lagos State,Nigeria. African Journal Of Contemporary Issues.Vol.9(3),p.82-110.