Mathematical Modeling and Threshold Analysis of Acceptable Failure Rate and Academic Standard

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Ayoade, A. A.
Manuel, M.
Adeosun, M.A.
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Certificate is an evidence of participating in a process and anyone who holds a certificate is believed to have a prerequisite to handle what the certificate qualifies him for. However, the impression might fail if the certificate had been obtained by cutting corners. [Objetive] In this paper, a compartmental model was developed to quantify factors that could put the authenticity of a certificate in doubt by examining the trade off between academic standard and failure rates in the context of tertiary institutions with reference to Nigeria. [Methodology] The model was proved valid using some ample mathematical theorems. The equilibria for the model and the threshold for acceptable academic performance were derived. Stability analysis was carried out by employing stability theory of differential equations based on the derived acceptable academic performance threshold. [Results] The theoretical results for the model were validated by means of numerical simulations and the results from the simulations linked acceptable failure rate to the academic performance that fell below the threshold of the institutions’ set standard. [Conclusions] The policy implication of the result is that increase in the supply of qualified graduates into the Nigeria labor markets as well as reduction in the rate of unemployment is a function of maintaining academic standards
Scholarly article
Ayoade, A.A., Manuel, M., & Adeosun, M.A. (2023). Mathematical Modeling and Threshold Analysis of Acceptable Failure Rate and Academic Standard. pp 1-17.