Psychological Determinants of Proneness to engage in Politics Among Women in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria.

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Osarenren, N.
Nwadinigwe, I. P.
Anyama, S. C.
Dikko, B.O.
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The study investigated the psychological determinants of proneness to engage in politics among women in Lagos metropolis. Two hundred and sixty (260) female politicians were sampled using simple random techniques from Lagos Metropolis. The study would benefit women politicians and those contemplating participating in politics as it will encourage them to be courageous enough to engage in political activities with a view to overcoming the numerous socio-cultural factors militating against them. Society at large will also benefit from this study because their awareness level on the importance of women's involvement in politics and elimination of discrimination in women's political participation would have been raised thereby helping in the implementation of measures to ensure women's equal access to and full participation in power structures and decision making by establishing the goal of gender balance in all aspects of governance through protection and promotion of equal rights of women and men to engage in political activities. Four research hypotheses were raised and tested. A thirty-eight item Likeit-type questionnaire was used to elicit responses from the respondents, t-test and One Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) were used to analyse the data generated. Results showed that there is a significant influence of culture and social beliefs on women's participation in politics as well as there being a significant influence of self-esteem and finance on women participation in politics, The findings were discussed in the light of their implications for encouraging Nigerian women lo achieve appreciable level of education and be courageous enough to engage in political activities.
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Psychological , Culture , Self-Esteem , Proneness , Women in Politics , Polities , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Osarenren, N., Nwadinigwe, I.P, Anyama, S.C. & Dikko, B.O. (2013). Psychological Determinants of Proneness to engage in Politics Among Women in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria. Research Journal in Organizational Psychology & Educational Studies (RJOPES). 2 (3), 119-125. School of Education, Educational Leadership Department, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, USA.