Information needs of Juvenile delinquents in remand homes

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Fagbe, A.
Gbemi-Ogunleye, P.F.
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Many children in Nigeria face poverty, family instability, inadequate educational opportunities and poor physical and mental health which hinder their ability to develop to healthy adults, live an improved quality of life or fulfil their life aspirations. These factors have also been associated with juvenile delinquency and therefore need for institutional care. Delinquent acts are committed often by young people because of lack of appropriate information on the legal implications of the crime they commit. Thus, it is pertinent that juvenile delinquents get the right information that will enhance their information behavior which will further influence their choices with regard to delinquent and deviant behaviors that have become a menace in most communities and societies today. It is on this premise that this chapter looks at the concept of juvenile delinquency, information, information needs, information needs of juvenile delinquency, sources and channels of information, libraries as provider of information, as well as factors that hinders information needs and provision. Finally suggestions were proffered on how to meet the information needs of the juveniles in remand homes.
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Children , Nigeria , Poor physical and mental health , Crime , juvenile delinquents , Remand homes , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Other social sciences::Library and information science
Fagbe, A. & Gbemi-Ogunleye, P. (2019). Information needs of Juvenile delinquents in remand homes. Information for diverse user groups, Ed. Unegbu, V.E., Chapter 23, 291-304.