Freire's critical pedagogy and professional teaching in the twenty-first century

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Akinsanya, P.O.
Ojotule, A.O.
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his paper examined the contributions of Paulo Freire who was unarguably considered as an influential philosopher and one of the most significant educators in the twentieth century; he was indeed one of the most cited and iconic figures in the last century’s education literature. He was seen as a special kind of intellectual, and his influence was noticed in many areas such as social studies, curriculum studies, adult education, secondary education, higher education, educational planning, inter alia. Using the philosophical research methods, viz: analysis and speculation, the study exposed the significant influence of Freire’s pedagogical model on twentieth century education and established the positive changes which the twenty first century’s pedagogy would envision given the infusion of Freiran educational philosophy into teaching profession. Freire wanted teachers to treat learners as co- creators of knowledge. In the light of the problem-posing approach, particular attention was drawn to dialogue, in the course of which everyone could ask questions or express his or her own views freely. Thus, education would be seen as the practice of freedom, and in the practice of freedom, through dialogue, teachers and students would raise their awareness. Freire argued that teaching required questioning at the core of the dialogue, and the possibility of questioning was included in dialectical structure. As revolutionary as the philosophy of Freire was, however, the twenty first century seems to have docked it in the dustbin. This may not be unconnected with criticisms from some scholars, who considered Freiran pedagogy as being parochial and limited in use. This paper thus resurrects the good elements in Freiran critical pedagogy which could be very beneficial to the present century’s practice of teaching. The researchers concluded that despite the loopholes found in Freire’s postulations, which are reflections of human imperfections, Freiere’s critical pedagogy has overwhelming comparative advantages which are highly consequential to teachers and learners in the present age
Scholarly article
Akinsanya, P.O. & Ojotule, A.O. (2022). Freire's critical pedagogy and professional teaching in the twenty-first century. Unizik Journal of Educational and Policy Issues, 14(3), 145-160