The Marketing Mix: Perspectives, Operational Uses and Management

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Adeleye, A. S.
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Department of Business Administration University of Lagos
The concept of marketing mix has arguably attracted more divergent views from authors in marketing literature than any other marketing concepts. The degree of diversity of perspectives adopted by several authors on the concept of marketing mix has almost assumed an equal dimension vis-a-vis the plethora of definitions of marketing in the marketing literature. Attempts will therefore be made in this paper to briefly examine the original contributions to knowledge as regards the study of marketing mix. Furthermore, the paper will also attempt to identify the gaps in the existing body of knowledge on marketing mix in pursuance of the operational uses of marketing mix to business organisations. In addition, the actual management of marketing mix shall be taken into cognisance in this regard.
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Marketing mix , Marketing concepts , Marketing literature , Management Operational Uses , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Adeleye, A. S. (1998), "The Marketing Mix: Perspectives, Operational Uses and Management", Unilag Journal of Business, Vol.1 (2), pp. 58-64.