Teachers' Perception of Computer- Based Test for Examining Chemistry Candidates in June / July National Examination Council

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Okafor, N
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Department of Science Education, University of Nigeria, Nnsuka.
The paper determined teachers' perception of students' competency, Computer availability, electricity supply and school type on Computer-based lest for examining Chemistry candidates in June/July National Examination Council (NECO). One research question and hypothesis guided the study. It was a descriptive survey that involved 100 Chemistry teachers purposely drawn from Education Zone 11 in Oyo State. Two instruments were used in data collection and their reliability indices were determined. Data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation and regression analysis. 1’he results show that teachers' perception of student's competency on Computer Based Test (CBT) in june/July NECO Examinations is low, inadequate provision of computers and unstable supply of electricity but school type is found not to contribute to the CBT for examining Chemistry candidates in June/July NECO Examinations. Furthermore, teachers perceived significant combined contributions of student's competency, availability of Computers, electricity supply and school type on the use of Computer Based lest for examining Chemistry candidates in June / July NECO Examinations. Though most teachers perceived that it would be difficult to assess Chemistry students' creativity, scientific knowledge, attitude, critical learning, as well as practical, manipulative and scientific process skills using CBT but they have confidence that experience gained on CBT would promote students curiosity, observational skills, achievement and interest in Chemistry. The study concludes that there may be public outcry on application of CBT innovation but NECO Examinations would be seen as aligning with the rest of the technological world. It recommends adequate provision of Computers in schools for every student and NECO administrators should ensure that all their Examination centers are equipped with stand by clcclricily generators. This would build absolute confidence in students, teachers and other stakeholders on the introduction of CBT which would help in minimizing examinations malpractices.
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Okafor, N. (2013-2017). Teachers’ perception of computer-based test for examining chemistry candidates in June/July National Examination Council. African Journal of Science, Technology and Mathematics Education (AJSTME), 3(1), 153-167. Journal of the Department of Science Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.