Synthesis and Characterisation of Polyester Resin Matrix Composites Reinforced with Beans Pod Micro Particles

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Durowaye, S.
Sekunowo, O.
Sekunowo, O.
Lawal, G.
Kuforiji, C.
Adeyemi, A.
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Usak University Journal of Material Sciences
Polymers have limitations which are amongst low stiffness and low resistance to impact loading. They do not usually exhibit the requisite mechanical strength for applications in various fields. This research evaluated the effects of particulate carbonized and uncarbonized beans pod additions on the mechanical properties and microstructure of unsaturated polyester resin matrix composites in order to assess the possibility of their non-structural application. Carbonized beans pod were prepared by packing the beans pod in a graphite crucible and heated in an electric muffle furnace at temperature 1000°C for 5 hours then milled and sieved. 150 μm carbonized and uncarbonized reinforcing beans pod particles were separately added to unsaturated polyester from 5 wt. % to 25 wt. % and cast in a wooden mould. The results show that the impact strength increases with increasing wt. % reinforcement. The flexural modulus (1023.4 MPa) of pure unsaturated polyester is lower than that of carbonized sample (1591.58 MPa) and uncarbonized sample (1080.30 MPa) at 10 wt. % reinforcement. The reinforced samples can be used in place of pure unsaturated polyester resin where high flexibility is needed. The microstructure shows a decrease in homogeneity with increasing wt. % of filler addition beyond 15 wt. %. This results into poor interfacial bonding of the particles-matrix leading to reduction in the mechanical properties of the composites especially hardness and tensile strength. The microstructure also indicated a fairly uniform distribution of the beans pod particles in the matrix at reinforcement below 15 wt. % which accounts for the improvement in the mechanical properties. The obtained results show that the beans pod waste could be used as ecofriendly reinforcement in the production of polymer matrix composites.
Polymer matrix composites, unsaturated polyester resin, beans pod particles, mechanical properties, microstructure.
Durowaye, S.; Sekunowo, O.; Sekunowo, O.; Lawal, G.; Kuforiji, C.; Adeyemi, A. (2017). Synthesis and Characterisation of Polyester Resin Matrix Composites Reinforced with Beans Pod Micro Particles. Usak University Journal of Material Sciences 41-50