Age at diagnosis of diabetes type 2 diabetes mellitus patients attending LUTH diabetes clinic

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Fasanmade, O.O
Fasanmade, O.A
Odeniyi, I.A
Iwuala, S.O
Ohwovoriole, A.E
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Endocrine and Metabolism Society of Nigeria
Background: The prevalence of diabetes is increasing worldwide. This is coincident with increases in the prevalence of obesity and sedentary lifestyle. There is also concern that diabetes may be occurring at a greater frequency in youth and in young adults. The mean age at diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the United States has decreased from 52 years, reported in the years 1988 to 1994, to 46 years, reported in the years 1999 to 2000. This change may represent earlier onset of type 2 diabetes or earlier detection or a combination of both. Objectives: The purpose of the study was to determine the self-reported age of diagnosis of diabetes of type 2 diabetes patients attending LUTH clinic Methods: The diabetes clinic Register of patients attending the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (a tertiary hospital) , Nigeria was analyzed. Information such as; date of Birth, sex, year of diagnosis was extracted. Data collected was analyzed using SPSS version 17. Results: Data of 347 patients seen in the month of March 2013 were used. Of these, 35.7% were males, 64.3% females. Mean age of the cohort was 60.72 ±11.01. Mean age at diagnosis was 50.31 ± 11.52. 32.3% of these patients were diagnosed with DM at age 51-60yrs, 30.3% at age 41-50yrs, 15.9% at age 31-40yrs. 14.1% at age 61-70yrs,3.5% at age 71-80yrs, 2.9% at age 21-30yrs, 0.9% at age 11-20yrs, 0.3% at age 81-90yrs. Conclusion: A large number of our patients (i.e 32.3%) were diagnosed in the 6th decade of life followed by 5th decade. This may imply that most of our patients are still not being screened and diagnosed early enough.
Diabetes mellitus, age at diagnosis
Fasanmade OO, Fasanmade OA, Odeniyi IA, Iwuala SO, Ohwovoriole AE. Age at diagnosis of diabetes type 2 diabetes mellitus patients attending LUTH diabetes clinic. Abstract from Nigerian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism conference 2013