Managing the risk and challenges of COVID-19 on construction sites in Lagos, Nigeria

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Kukoyi, P.O.
Simpeh, F.
Adebowale, O.
Agumba, J.
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Purpose – The novel COVID-19 pandemic has increased the risk in construction operations. New systems are, thus, required on construction sites to mitigate the risk and challenges associated with the pandemic. This paper aims to determine construction organisations risk control systems and the challenges of implementing safety measures on construction sites. Design/methodology/approach – The study adopted a qualitative research method. A purposive sampling method was used to select study participants, who were administered open-ended questionnaires designed to gather qualitative data. The contents of the data were analysed, presented and reported based on the objectives of the study. Findings – Some of the construction organisations conducted COVID-19 related risk assessments, whilst a few organisations did not conduct a risk assessment. Inspections to ensure COVID-19 compliance was done by government officials, health organisations and client’s health and safety officers. The construction organisations demonstrated considerable competence in record keeping and some organisations further evolved a follow-up plan for sick workers. The study found that some construction practitioners had misconceptions about the disease, used COVID-19 personal protective equipment incorrectly and lack adequate information about the virus. It is required that construction stakeholders evolve policies and strategies that would promote risk control and foster compliance to COVID-19 safety measures. Originality/value – COVID-19 is still new, therefore, the body of knowledge is still at the infancy stage. This paper provided insight into the COVID-19 related risk and challenges that may increase the rate of virus infection amongst construction practitioners.
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COVID-19 measure , Health and safety , COVID-19 , Construction site , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Kukoyi, P.O., Simpeh, F., Adebowale, O.J. and Agumba, J.N. (2022), "Managing the risk and challenges of COVID-19 on construction sites in Lagos, Nigeria", Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, 20(1), 99-144. .