African women in informal economy in the Twentieth Century

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Olawoyin, O.T.
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The concept of patriarchy gives a general impression of men's rule over women an~ of male ~o~matJOn over females in the society. This social arrangement is believed to limit. wo~en's participation in significant aspects of development and. obscure their vital contributions in many spheres of life. The idea that African women are subjugated, oppressed, weak and docile have long been held b?,~ome Western These scholars also portray the African female as ~ victim o~ male dO~lnat~o~ and of traditional customs and practices. But while the notion of being victims of patriarchy is true to some extent it is nece~sary to. note that African women even within the realm of'male dominance,. did and have some degree of autonomy independence. They exercised and continue to. exercis~ a degree of power within this space and use what resources were available to Improve their lot.
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Olawoyin, O.T. (2009). African women in informal economy in the Twentieth Century. Women and Power in Africa in the Twentieth and Twenty First Centuries. Edited by Ikpe, B.E, 12p.