Lecturers' perception of the challenges of development of courseware for Open Distance Learning In nigeria: A case of Distance Learning Institute (DLI) University of Lagos.

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Oladele, E.O
Modebelu, O.J
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Journal of Curriculum and Instruction,University of Ilorin
The study investigated Lecturers’ Perception of the challenges of developing courseware in the Distance Learning Institute, University of Lagos. The purpose of the study was to determine the challenges faced by lecturers in developing courseware materials and also to find out if the perception of these challenges differ by gender and years of experience of the lecturers. The sample for the study was made up of 126 lecturers (full time and Adjunct) DLI, University of Lagos. The instrument used was a 19 item Likert-type scale questionnaire designed by the researchers. The mean average statistics was used to measure the perception of respondents on some variables. Based on the statistical analysis it was observed that there is significant difference in the perception of the challenges based on gender. Also there is significant difference in the perception of the challenges based on years of Experience. The analysis of the research instrument indicated that the time given for course material development is too short hence low quality in the materials, most of the external writers not technically trained in ODL procedures have difficulty putting materials together in line with ODL. However, there are processes in place for quality assurance of course materials, Hands-on information technology workshops for academic staff on how to assess and use open educational resources (OER) are available and there are facilities in place for easy communication between the facilitators and course writers, though very low bandwidth for internet services within the university makes the internet not available for use at the e-library. Further trainings should be available for lecturers on course ware writing as well as adequate motivation provided for lecturers to enhance quality production of course materials.
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Course ware development , Open educational resources , Open distance education , Information technology , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Modebelu, O.J., and Oladele E.O. (2016) Lecturers’ Perception of the Challenges of Development Course Ware for Open Distance Learning in Nigeria: A Case of Distance Learning Institute (DLI), University of Lagos. Journal of Curriculum and Instruction, Vol.10:(2): 53-64pp.