Design and Implementation of an IoT Based Smart Waste Bin for Fill Level and Biodegradability Monitoring

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Ogunwolu, L
Mbom, H.
Raji, A.
Omiyale, A.
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Journal of Engineering Research
Effective and efficient waste management is a critical component of a smart city. Worldwide, waste management has proved to be a daunting task for bodies assigned with the task. Waste overflow and the menace of degradable wastes as they affect communal health and environmental aesthetics are key challenges faced by waste managers. This paper addresses these challenges with the design and implementation of an Internet of Things (IoT) based Smart Waste Bin that tracks in real time the volume and smell (biodegradability) of the waste in it and alerts the waste managers once the set threshold for volume or smell is reached. An Ultrasonic distance sensor HRSO4 and MQ series semiconductor gas sensors MQ4 and MQ135 connected on an Arduino UNO R3 microcontroller board were deployed for fill level and biodegradability sensing respectively. The status of the bin is communicated to a ThingSpeak webserver via an ESP8266 Wi-Fi module interfaced with the microcontroller in real time. Through this, Waste Managers can be alerted to evacuate the waste before it starts overflowing or the smell becomes offensive. The bin was tested with non-biodegradable and biodegradable waste composed of waste mixed with fowl and pig dung. In the experiment, the biodegradability sensor readings remained constant while the ultrasonic distance sensor reading gradually decreased over time as the non-biodegradable waste filled the bin. On the other hand, all sensors responded with varying degrees when waste mixed with either of the dung types filled the bin. The results vindicated the purpose of the design and implementation
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Arduino Microcontroller , Internet of Things , Semiconductor gas sensor , ThingSpeak web server , Ultrasonic sensor , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Ogunwolu, ‘Ladi, Henry Mbom, Abubakar Raji and Abolade Omiyale (2020). Design and Implementation of an IoT Based Smart Waste Bin for Fill Level and Biodegradability Monitoring. Journal of Engineering Research, Volume 25, Number 3, 84 – 95.