Enhancing Job Performance of Librarians in Academic Libraries through Technological Change

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Okiki, O.C
Durodolu, O.O
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This paper explores the correlation between technological change and production of academic librarians in three universities in Nigeria. The intension is to make comparisons among academic libraries in federal, state and private universities in Nigeria in a multiple case study research basis. The study adopted a positivist research paradigm, using quantitative research method., The study revealed that technological change has positive influence on academic libraries' operations and activities and certain indicators were identified as outcomes of technological change in academic libraries which are improvement in the quality, increase in the efficiency and production, reduction in the total errors, increasing job performance and efficient control of library work and process. The study recommended urgent reuse of LIS curriculum with a uieui to raising LIS graduates who will have competence in the use of new and emerging technologies and lCT infrastructures. Stakeholders in academic libraries should respond to technological requirements of the 21st century by exposing librarians to training, workshops and conferences both locally and internationally to enable them obtain cutting edge skills that will give them seamless ability to use modern technology.
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Technological change , job performance , Academic Librarians , Nigeria Universities
Okiki, O.C and Durodolu, O.O (2018). Job Performance of Librarians in Academic Libraries through Technological Change. Umiversity of Ibadan Journal of Library and Information Science, Vol.1 (1).