Premarital and extramarital sex in Lagos, Nigeria

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Adegbola, O
Babatola, O
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Australian National University
In view of the need for information on which to base future interventions on sexual behaviour, this paper examines AIDS awareness and perception, as well as sexual practices among the metropolitan population of Lagos, Nigeria. There is a fairly high but recent level of awareness of AIDS and some scepticism about its incurability. Some high-risk premarital and extramarital sexual patterns are observed. These show the importance to the study of inter-spousal intimacy as well as two other contextually-relevant variables. (author's) Language.
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Cultural Background , Population , Sex Behaviour , Developing Countries
Adegbola, O and Babatola, O (1999) Premarital and extramarital sex in Lagos, Nigeria. The Continuing HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Africa: Response and Coping Strategies. Chapter 2, Pp. 19-44.