Social Studies Teaching As A Strategy For Nation Building

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Adeogun, A.A.
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By education for citizenship, we mean the development of ideas, beliefs, habits, behaviour and attitudes of the individual to become a useful member of the society and contribute positively to the development of the nation. One of t he broad objectives of Nigerian education adopted by the 1969 National Curriculum Conference is the inculcation of the right type of values and attitudes towards the survival of an individual and the society. This objective has a great implication for the teaching of social studies as a means of producing good citizens necessary for the development and growth of the nation. This paper has tried to emphasize the inculcation of certain distillate knowledge which will assist man in acquiring the tools necessary for life. Such tools are knowledge, values, attitudes and skills. These tools should help the child in solving both personal and community related problems. Three approaches of inculcating citizenship education and for the development of human rights to become good citizens and good nation builders were identified and discussed.The approaches are the perceptual, the Exemplary and the experience service. The needs for the acquisition on of fundamental human rights for the purpose of developing the nation were also discussed.
Conference Paper
Nation Building , Development
Adeogun,A.A. (1999) Social Studies Teaching As A Strategy For Nation Building. Being a Paper Presented At The Annual Conference of Social Studies Association Of Nigeria(SOSAN), Held At Faculty of Education,University Of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.