Intervention Study On The Use Of Antibiotics In A Community In Lagos State, Nigeria

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Tayo F
Aina B.A
Johnson O.A
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Commonwealth Pharmacists Association
Introduction: Studies in developing Countries have shown that antimicrobials are among the most frequently prescribed medications (Bosu and Ofori-Adjei, 2000). Irrational use of antibiotics occurs in all countries (le Grand et al 1999). The problem of antibiotic resistance is associated with the indiscriminate usage of antibiotics (Carey and Cryan 2003) hence rational use of antibiotics is needed. Objective: This study was to assess the use of oral antibiotics in the community and determine the effect of intervention messages to improve the knowledge on antibiotics use. Method: The study was carried out in Ilaje community in Bariga, Lagos State due to its cosmopolitan nature using Minegem Pharmacy as the study centre. The study was carried out over four weeks. Pretested questionnaires were administered pre and post intervention. Sixty-seven clients participated in the study. Intervention leaflet educating clients on the right use of antibiotics was developed in English, Yoruba and Pidgin English and given to respondents. Data was collected and the results analyzed. Result: Forty two respondents (62.7%) demanded for oral antibiotics without prescription while twenty five respondents (37.3%) were with prescriptions. Among those that came with prescriptions 80% were from doctors and 20% from pharmacists. Ampicillin/Cloxacillin was found to be commonest antibiotics demanded without prescription with 50% frequency due to wrong indication and 50% due to wrong dosage. It was also mostly prescribed by doctors. Knowledge of respondents on antibiotics use was tested pre and post intervention and the difference was found to be statistically significant (p<0.05). Conclusion: The intervention leaflet improved the knowledge of respondents on rational use of antibiotics. There is need to extend the scope of this study to cover more pharmacies and communities to empower the populace against irrational use of antibiotics.
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Intervention , Antibiotics , Lagos State , Community , Research Subject Categories::PHARMACY::Other pharmacy
Aina B.A., Tayo F and Johnson OA. (2009). Intervention Study On The Use Of Antibiotics In A Community In Lagos State, Nigeria. Book of Abstracts page 97. Abstract presented at 10th Commonwealth Pharmacists Association Conference, Accra, Ghana. 4th to 9th August 2009.