Developers' Perception of Prefabricated Housing Methodology in Nigeria: A Study of Lagos State

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Adebayo, A.K
Dixon-Ogbechi, B.N
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Adequate affordable housing has been a major issue in Nigeria given its housing deficit of about 17 million. The provision of adequate and affordable housing for Nigerians has been a daunting problem over the years despite government and private sector's efforts at ameliorating this situation. According to the vision 2020 document one of the ways to improve supply of housing significantly is to move from conventional or traditional brick and mortar to modern design and construction methodology. one of such is the prefabrication (prefab) housing methodology. However, observations around metropolitan Lagos revealed that there exist a sizeable number of privately owned estates built by developers. Yet, there is no record of the use of this .housing methodology by developers in the building of any of these privately-owned estates. Therefore, the aim of this study is to investigate the perception of developers on the use of the prefab methodology in building houses in Lagos. This study adopted an exploratory research approach using the quantitative methodology. The convenience sampling techniques was used to select 100 relevant staff from 20 developers' companies in the built environment in Lagos State and questionnaires were administered to them. The data obtained was subsequently analysed using descriptive on the SPSS 21 software. Findings revealed that the respondents have a very good Knowledge of adoption of prefabricated methodology for housing delivery (X=4.54) in Lagos State yet many of them have not used it in their line of profession (5<=2.81).
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Housing Developers , Lagos Metropolis , Housing Methodology , Housing Delivery
Adebayo, A.K and Dixon-Ogbechi, B.N (2017) Developers' Perception of Prefabricated Housing Methodology in Nigeria: A Study of Lagos State.