Multi-Cultural Team Management Parameters and Dimensions for Indigenous Construction Firms in Lagos, Nigeria

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Zakariyah, K.I.
Dada, M.O.
Ijaola, I.A.
Ameh, J.O.
Olaniyan, M.
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Journal of Construction Innovation and Cost Management
Research has established the relevance of leadership capability, team capability and firm structure and strategy in multi-cultural team management. However, studies on leadership, team capability, firm structure and strategy as parameters of multi-cultural team management in small and medium-sized construction firms have received little attention. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the dimensions of the core of capability development as multi- cultural team management parameters. These core dimensions are project leadership capability, team capability and firm’s structure and strategy. The objective of the study was achieved by conducting a field survey using convenience sampling technique. A Multi-Cultural Team Management Parameters’ (MCTMP) Questionnaire was developed and used to collect data for the study. Analysis was conducted using descriptive and inferential statistics. The results showed that the respondents agreed with most of the dimensions of the three parameters of multi-cultural team management. The study concludes that creativity in designs/construction processes; periodic site meeting to monitor and review performances and clear roles and responsibilities are the top dimensions of leadership capability, organisational structure and strategy and team capability respectively. It was thus recommended that indigenous construction firms work on having good leadership that can identify the different parameters and dimensions to project and organisational management and devise means of instituting, reviewing and maintaining such to the advantage of the firm.
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Firm strategy , Firm Structure , Capability , Organisation , Multi-cultural team
Zakariyyah, K. I., Dada, M. O., Ijaola, I. A., Ameh, O. J & Olaniyan, M. (2020). Multi-cultural team management parameters and dimensions for indigenous construction firms in Lagos, Nigeria. Journal of Construction Innovation and Cost Management, 1(1),19-28