The Nature and Character of the Nigerian State: Explaining Election Crisis in a Peripheral State

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Fadakinte, M.M.
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The Nigerian political process has been very unstable since the country attained independence in 1960. Governmental instability is therefore a feature of Nigerian‟s political life and election crisis has become part of this instability. The problem of election crisis in Nigeria is therefore not a new one. It had started soon after independence and had occurred at different times and in varying degrees. Indeed, election crises have been examined by scholars, with all conclusions either describing the problem as being caused by ethnicity, modernization or class relations. Even some of the explanations look at electioncrisis in Nigeria as a problem of class struggle without adequately clarifying the nature and form of class struggle that take place within the milieu of the Nigerian social formation. Election crisis in Nigeria, therefore, has always been explained with little attention paid to factional struggle for hegemony in a peripheral state.
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Fadakinte, M. M. (2013). The nature and character of the Nigerian state, explaining election crisis in a Peripheral state. British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences, 12(11), 275-287.