The Scope of Construction Professionals Skills

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Oladiran, O.J
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The Nigerian Institute of Building
Skills are essential in the construction industry. Construction works are complex and labour-intensive. Construction professionals are saddled with the responsibility of managing these complex works and pharaonic-human resources. Thus, the professionals require specific skills to carry out these tasks. The study investigates the scope of construction professionals I skills in Nigeria. The objective is to establish the content of the skills expected of construction professionals. This is achieved by comparing the opinions of two groups of respondents, namely: the educators and industry practitioners inLagos State. Questionnaires were administered to the educators via census method and to the industry practitioners via purposive sampling method. A sample size of 65 was used, while descriptive and inferential tools were usedfor analysis. The study reveals 21 skills that should form the scope of construction professionals' skills. The study therefore recommends that construction professionals should strive to develop themselves in these skills for optimal performance in the industry. The study is significant because these skills could serve as benchmarks for engaging professionals and to measure their performance.
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Construction Industry , Skills
Oladiran, O.J (2015), The Scope of Construction Professionals Skills. Proceeding of the 45th Builders Conference/Annual General Meeting Oluyole, The Nigerian Institute of Building, p. 18-30