Urban Factors in Relation to Mortality Pattern in Lagos State, Nigeria

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Ojikutu, R.K
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Dixie W Publishing Corporation, U. S. A
This study examines the impact of some factors that are present in the urban environment of Lagos state, Nigeria on mortality using factor analysis. A follow up study was conducted on 6269 individuals who died in four of the twenty Local Government Areas of the state during a period of five years to measure the impact of urbanization and home environment to which the deceased were subjected during their lifetime using a 78 point questionnaire. Fifteen factors such as migration, education, waste collection, religion, noise pollution, obesity and so on, were extracted and fourteen of them were found to be functionally related to Cause of Death which is the fifteenth factor.
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Mortality Rate , Urban Environment , Lagos, Nigeria , Individuals
Ojikutu, R.K (2006) Urban Factors in Relation to Mortality Pattern in Lagos State, Nigeria. Journal of Applied Probability & Statistics, Vol. 1(1) 77-100pp