Motivating the School Workforce for Effective Record-Keeping.

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Olusakin, A.M
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Lagos State PSSDC
Effective record keeping is a task that is basic to the smooth running of the School system. To accomplish this, however,the workers need to be motivated.We shall consider the issue of motivation under the following headings: a. What is motivation? b. Motivation theories - an overview; c. Motivating your staff via; (i) recognition and appreciation; (ii) effective communication. d. The role of motivation in school management. e. What is motivation? The term motivation has been identified as unquestionable fact of human experience, an indisputable fact of behaviour, and not a mere explanatory fiction. Motivation is closely connected with the reasons for acting in particular ways and it can also be described as a hypothetical cause of behaviour. Motivation as a concept is used to described forces acting on or within an individual to initiate and direct his behaviour. It is also used to explain the differences in the intensity and the direction of behaviour. There is a popular saying that there is no smoke without fire'. People behave in certain ways at one time and yet at another time they behave in another way. The concept of motivation helps to explain why certain bebaviour occurs in one situation but not in others. But the intervening nature of the motivational process makes the study of motivation difficult. The temporary nature of motivation is another obstacle to the study of motivation. Psychologists, however, describe the temporary nature of motivation by pointing out that motivation is a performance variable. As a performance variable, motivation is often contrasted with learning. Though we learn many things not immediately demonstrated in behaviour. howwer, the actual demonstration of learned be- , haviour depends upon adequate motivation.
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Olusakin, A. M. (1997). Motivating the School Workforce for Effective Record-Keeping. PSSDC Trumpet 2 (2) 21-24