Analysis of Flow Induced Acoustic Waves in a Vibrating Offshore Pipeline

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Osheku, C.A.
Olunloyo, V.O.
Akano, T.T.
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Flow induced acoustic wave characteristics in a vibrating subsea pipeline is investigated. For this problem, acoustic wave equations are formulated and matched for the various vibrating segments. The pipeline system is idealized as a network of fluid conveyance elastic beams resting on a moving seabed via recent advances in subsea pipeline vibrations. By employing operational methods, closed forms results as influenced by internal fluid variables and subsea soil geotechnical properties, are computed for design applications. It is further shown that the vibration of any pipeline system is modulated by transverse, longitudinal and vibro-acoustic natural frequencies.
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Acoustic waves, subsea pipeline, fluid and subsoil properties , Acoustic waves , Subsea pipeline , Fluid and subsoil properties , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Osheku, C. A., Olunloyo, V. O., & Akano, T. T. (2010). Analysis of Flow Induced Acoustic Waves in a Vibrating Offshore Pipeline. In ASME 2010 29th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (pp. 81-97). American Society of Mechanical Engineers Digital Collection.