Determination of Heavy Metals in Cigarette and Blood of Active and Passive Smokers

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Olowu, R.A
Asapo, E.S
Ayejuyo, O.O
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Journal of Scientific and Industrial Studies
Fifteen samples of different brand of cigarette and blood of passive and active smokers were analyzed for heavy metals. Cadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb) and Chromium (Cr) were detected in the tobacco leaf with wrapper of all the fifteen brands of Cigarette analyzed. Copper (Cu) was detected in all except one with a concentration range of 0.783 +- 0.053 ug/g to 19.483 +- 0.800 ug/g. The raw tobacco leaf contain 1.233 +- 0.664 of Cu and 1100+- 0.071 ug/g of PB. The concentration of Cu in the samples studies ranged from N.D to 186.100 +- 11.653 ug/g. In the ashes of four (4) brands analyzed, there were reduction in the concentration of Cu with increase in the weight of the butt. Cu was detected in one of the blood samples analyzed. 2/3 of the blood samples contained (Cr) in the ranges of 0.92 to 2.156 ug/ml, the contents of the PB, in the blood of the active and Passive smokers were consistently higher than the permissive level of 0.2 ppm lead. Lead concentration ranged from 0.304 to 5.656 ug/ml.
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Tobacco , Organometallic , Smoke , Butts , Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Chemistry
Olowu R.A., Asapo E.S. & Ayejuyo O.O. (2006). Determination of Heavy Metals in Cigarette and Blood of Active and Passive Smokers. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Studies, 4(2).