Palynology of honeycomb and a honey sample from an apiary in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria

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Adeonipekun, P. A.
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Most reported studies on honey samples from Nigeria have come from those samples bought in the open market. Though palynomorphs recovered from them have shown that they were produced in the derived savanna, savanna and rainforest vegetation ecozones, it is necessary to study honey samples from honeycomb to eliminate the adultration allegation and provide more accurate palynomorph data as well as shed light on the habit of bees. To achieve these, a study of honeycomb and a honey sample from an apiary in Lagos State, southwest Nigeria was carried out. The middle and edge sections of the comb were sampled and studied along with a pressed honey sample. Comparison between the two sections of the comb was also made. Data from the pressed honey was also compared with the comb data. In all, a total of 36 species of plant have their pollen represented. The middle section of the comb has higher abundance with lower diversity while the comb edge sample has higher diversity but lower abundance. The pressed honey has higher proportion of small sized pollen with a relatively higher diversity than the middle section but lower diversity than the edge portion. Pollen of Kigelia africana was recovered in a higher proportion than found in the two comb samples most likely resulting from secondary contamination. Generated data from this comb has revealed the palynomorph components of honey produced in the area and insight into the habit of the bees is also provided. Most of the traditional pollen types of Nigeria honey were faintly recovered from the studied samples. The higher diversity and lower abundance of the comb Edge assemblage indicate that production most likely started from the centre and moved outward.
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palynomorphs, honeycomb, honey sample, pollen, apiary , Palynomorphs , Honeycomb , Honey sample , Pollen , Research Subject Categories::FORESTRY, AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES and LANDSCAPE PLANNING
Adeonipekun, P. A. (2012). Palynology of honeycomb and a honey sample from an apiary in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria. Asian Journal of Plant Science and Research, Vol.2 (3):274-283pp.