Management of Electronic Books in Nigerian University Libraries

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Okiki, O.C
Olatokunbo, O.K
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American Research Institute for Policy Development
This study examined E-book management in academic libraries in three of Nigeria first-generation university libraries in South West region. The study adopted a mixed method technique. Both qualitative and quantitative analyses of the data collected showed that Nigerian university libraries have embraced e-books subscription, and that relevance of e-books to subjects offered in the universities were the guiding principle when subscribing to ebook databases. The study revealed that users friendliness of the database interface were a major factor when when subscribing. However, management problem areas identified in this study consisted of University policies, funding, attitude of staffingstudents and changes ininformation technology Infrastructure. Consequently, it was recommended that heads of library should subscribed to ebooks with users friendly interface, increase of fund by the University mamangment. It was also recommedned that electronic information resources librarians should integrate such e-books into the WEBOPAC.
Ebooks Management , Ebooks use , University Libraries
Okiki, O. C., & Olatokunbo, O. K. (2018). Management of Electronic Books in Nigerian University Libraries. Journal of Library and Information Sciences, 6(2), 39-46.