Mentoring, Teaching and Supervision: J.F. Ade Ajayi: His Life and Career

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Lawal, K.
Adeboye, O.
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Bookcraft Press, Ibadan
If there was anything about Professor Jacob Festus Adeniyi Ajayi that ran through his entire career from about the early years of Nigeria’s independence through the twilight of the century and into the new milllenium, it was the fact that he never had any respite or low tide period. This was because as soon as he was appointed a Professor of History by the University of Ibadan authorities, his incredible genius sprouted, probably, beyond his own imagination at that time. While the aspect of his career in the incipient days have been dealt with already in this compendium, this chapter takes a look at some major landmarks and epochs in Ade-Ajayi’s sterling and chequered academic life in the years after his return from the highly successful tour of duty as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos. As would be seen in the sequel, the many great strides that Ade-Ajayi was able to make after his tenure as chief executive of the University of Lagos had their foundations laid during his Unilag days.
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Lawal, K. and Adeboye, O. A. (2014). Mentoring, Teaching, Supervision in Michael Omolewa and Akinjide Osuntokun (eds.), J.F. Ade Ajayi: His Life and Career, Ibadan: Bookcraft, 249-261)