Improving the economic status of teachers: supply and demand of teachers in the labour market in Nigeria

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Adetoro, J.A.
Uzoka, N.E.
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KIU Journal of Education
This study in .cstigated the economic status of teachers and how it influences their supply and demand in the labour market in Nigeria. Specifically, the study investigated how the compensation of teachers leads tc the retention of teachers in the teaching profession as well as how the supply and demand of teachers influences their attrition rate. Two hypotheses were tested in the . study. The study adopted the descriptive survey as its design and the population of the subjects was made up of all the secondary school teachers in public secondary schools in all the six districts that constitute the administrative zones in Lagos State of Nigeria. The sample size comprised 1,200 teachers selected from the six educational districts of Lagos State which represented three categories of settlements viz: urban, semi-urban and rural settlements. Random sampling technique was employed to select the teachers 011 equitable basis based on the six districts available as administrative zones of Lagos State. Questionnaire was the only instrument used in collecting data for the study. The major findings of the study are that the retention rate of teachers within Lagos State secondary schools is not dependent on the rate at which they are compensated most importantly, when oppoi.unity exists for job migration. Also, .r was discovered that the rate of supply Cl/iddemand for teachers among the Lagos State secondary schools did not determine teachers' decision either to remain as teachers or to quit t ':e job. Some recommendations are also made.
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Lagos State , Secondary schools , Teachers , Labour market , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Adetoro, J.A. & Uzoka, N.E. (2011). Improving the economic status of teachers: supply and demand of teachers in the labour market in Nigeria. KIU Journal of Education, Vol.1, 23-31.